Our Values

Saiff Solutions’ Core Values

  • Customer Service – We are in business because of our customers. We strive to exceed their expectations in all situations.
  • Excellence – We strive to achieve the highest levels of quality in our work, to exceed our previous achievements, and to do and be our absolute best.
  • Honesty – We do not engage in deception. We are as transparent as good business sense allows in each situation.
  • Integrity – We endeavor to keep our word in all matters, and to be responsible for the impact when we do not. We follow the law, in its letter and in its spirit. We do not engage in corruption. We are careful in making promises and other commitments, and endeavor to fulfill on all of our promises, small and large, obvious and implied.
  • Respect – We treat each person or entity with respect, in every moment and in every situation. When we fail in this we expect to be held accountable, regardless of our position in the corporate hierarchy. We respect each person’s unique background, qualities, and experiences. We treat everyone with civility, and maintain a professional and courteous decorum, even in the midst of stressful or troubling circumstances.
  • Inclusion and Non-discrimination – We judge each person on their merits, without regard to sex, age, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, health status, family status, or any other criteria irrelevant to performance. We treat each person as a unique individual, not as a member of a class or group. We do not allow our past experiences with similar people to color our judgement of the unique individuals we interact with, including ourselves.
  • Responsibility – We recognize that taking responsibility is a choice, and an empowering choice. The more we take responsibility for, the more power we have to shape outcomes. We are careful not to blame others for our mistakes. We hold ourselves and each other accountable, and we help each other to grow and learn.
  • Communication – We engage in and encourage clear and effective communication, and strive to always improve the effectiveness of our communications. We encourage forthright, direct, open, responsible communication. We endeavor to always communicate crucial information to those who are impacted by that information, and we expect the same consideration from everyone for the company and for each other.
  • Learning – We are quick to acknowledge mistakes, apologize, and learn as much as we can from both failures and successes. We are continually engaged in learning, as a moment-by-moment, lifelong pursuit. In particular we are committed to continuing to learn about each of our core values, especially how we can each grow to embody each value more effectively.

Saiff Solutions In The Media

- TechWhirl
- Nominated for 2015 Rice Bowl Asean Start Up

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“Barry [Saiff] has extensive experience both as a manager of technical writers and as a writer. As a manager, he is fair, encourages innovation, and is open to divergent points of view. As a writer, he can grasp very complex concepts and explain those concepts to end user through administrator audiences. Additionally, he has expert knowledge of all components of the documentation process, including corporate style guides, editing, writing, working with localization, and production. Barry is very much a people person and wherever he goes, he cultivates a large network of friendly yet professional relationships. He’s worked successfully with both on-site subject matter experts as well as those across the world. During my time working with Barry, he’s run a number of successful efforts to improve the usability of documentation. In one such case, he recruited a cross-functional team to overhaul the documentation based on the recommendations of this user-facing group of subject matter experts.”

Steve Anderson
Principal Technical Writer, Symantec
December 16, 2010

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