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I need my documentation delivered in a variety of formats, for example, on mobile phones, tablets, computers, various print formats, as ebooks, and searchable on Google.


How can I do this cost-effectively?
Can I just Save/As to each different format?

What you need is a content strategy that incorporates topic-based authoring. Unfortunately, Save/As doesn’t do the trick. A document written, organized, and formatted to be used as a PDF won’t work well on a Kindle or a mobile phone. You may be able to save it in those formats, but the results won’t be usable without a lot of additional work. Instead, you can reform your content development processes to write topics instead of documents. Each topic can then be reused in a variety of formats. See our pages on topic-based authoring and content strategy for a full explanation.

Why should I use Saiff Solutions for my technical writing needs?


  1. Unlike most offshore documentation providers, Saiff Solutions is founded and run by a technical writer who is a native English speaker with 26 years of experience documenting software in the USA. Barry Saiff is involved every step of the way in ensuring that the content we develop for you is of the highest quality. Although much of the writing is done by well trained Filipinos, the end product will be of the same quality you’d expect from an architect-level technical writer with a quarter century of experience in the USA.
  2. Our location in the Philippines, one of most English language-friendly countries in the southern hemisphere, gives us access to a large number of highly educated English writers to meet your needs.
  3. The job market in the Philippines is friendly to employers. Unlike India, where there is fierce competition for the best workers, here in the Philippines many educated people cannot find jobs and are forced to go abroad for work.
  4. Saiff Solutions provides superior quality at prices that are competitive with Indian offshore companies, at a fraction of the cost of such services in the USA, UK, or Australia.
  5. If you want your content available on various platforms and devices, Saiff Solutions can help you achieve those goals in the most cost-effective way. Our expertise in content strategy, content management, and topic-based authoring enables us to help you develop the best practices and processes to ensure accurate, appropriate content for each audience on each platform and device.
  6. If your company has limited experience with technical writing, content strategy, and information design, we can help you. If you already have a content strategy in place, we have the expertise and knowledge to fully support that strategy and collaborate with your staff to extend their capabilities, yielding increased quality at a lower cost.
  7. Unlike many KPOs (Knowledge Process Outsourcers), Saiff Solutions knows that providing excellent customer service starts with treating our staff like kings. We not only provide regular paid training for our staff, and free use of our extensive corporate library, we also provide educational reimbursement and pay and benefit packages that are very competitive in the local market. We are committed to the growth and development of each of our employees, and maintain a low employee-to-manager ratio to ensure that each employee gets the support he or she needs to shine.
  8. Due to the nature of the job market in the Philippines (number 3 above), and our excellent management practices (number 7 above), Saiff Solutions is able to retain the great majority of our staff for the long term, without suffering from the disruptions that result from a high staff turnover rate.
  9. Because of our extensive experience with the software development life cycle, including documenting and managing software life cycle processes, Saiff Solutions knows what it takes to develop excellent product documentation. We won’t cut corners on quality, and we’ll make sure that the key relationships between various types of professionals are established so that effective collaboration ensues.
  10. For a limited time, as a part of our launch, when you contract with Saiff Solutions for technical writing services, we will provide you with a set amount of content strategy consulting, free!

Saiff Solutions In The Media

- TechWhirl
- Nominated for 2015 Rice Bowl Asean Start Up

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“Barry [Saiff] is one of those people that every company needs. He is a very efficient and productive member of any team and on top of that ensures that others feel a member of the team also. Whilst at Brightmail I got to know Barry as he was the organizer for our local toastmasters group. His energy and enthusiam encouraged this collection of diverse people to create a wonderful group experience. I would recommend Barry for any position that required trust, loyalty and a great sense of humor.”

Raj Rana
Sr Systems Engineer, Brightmail
December 27, 2010

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