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The New Era of Content: Why Chatbots Matter

Jan 24, 2019   //   by Barry Saiff   //   Blog, Content Strategy  //  No Comments

A robot sitting crosslegged with a laptop on a blue banner title with the words 'The Era of New content: Why Chatbots Matter'

The way we deliver content has evolved through Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and other similar chatbots. Chatbots, an emerging technology using AI (Artificial Intelligence), have piqued the interest of small and big organizations to provide succinct, correct answers to the user’s queries in a conversation, automatically.

Organizations with content at scale can adapt their content framework to new methods and mediums of content delivery. Organizations who have yet to adopt the use of chatbots can look into how this growing technology can work for them. Ready to use content will ensure a smoother adaptation of chatbots or any other emerging technologies.

Transitioning to chatbots can only be effective if the technology is fed with structured content that it can easily process.  When content is structured and processed well, the chatbot identifies user intent and extracts relevant information, which improves the user experience.

How can we improve content for chatbots?

One way to structure your content is through microcontent. Microcontent is a unit of information structured for human brains and machines to process easily. Information that is broken into chunks can be retrieved, re-used, and re-purposed.

Technical writers document complex materials suitable for any audience. They write for clarity and accuracy. The broad technical skills of these writers help communicate information to users with diverse backgrounds. Using microcontent, technical writers can chunk information into the right context. This makes content adaptable in emerging technology for content delivery.

Technical communicators aim to satisfy our customers by giving them the best user experience and providing the information they need. Whether you’re using chatbots or other interfaces, applying microcontent will improve the accessibility of your content.

There is so much more to learn about chatbots and microcontent. Click here to discover how applying microcontent can impact your transition to using chatbots.

What is Microcontent?

Oct 25, 2018   //   by Barry Saiff   //   Blog, Concepts and Definitions, Content Strategy  //  No Comments

Companies often overlook content organization. Some companies publish content on their websites without proper planning and analysis of the structure. Some websites have a pile of PDFs, and Google doesn’t search within them. On far too many websites, audiences grope blindly to find the content they need.

Online readers forage for information, hopping from site to site until they find what they need. So how do you get them to stop and notice your pages? By delivering easy-to-read content that actually answers their questions.

Microcontent makes that possible.

Not only does microcontent address specific questions, but it also assesses the reader’s context and intent. Microcontent presents information in the simplest and most concrete way possible. The question remains: where do technical communicators fit in this new content delivery?

This may seem like a big leap from traditional authoring, but microcontent demands the skills of technical writers even more. The world will always need translators and documentation teams for content creation. Precision Content’s post The Rise of Microcontent perfectly explains how technical writers shape this new delivery of information.

Want more information on microcontent? Watch BrightTalk’s recorded webinar The Future is now: Neuroscience, Chatbots, Voice, and Microcontent.


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