Saiff Solutions 2018 Recap

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2018 was a wonderful year for Saiff Solutions! Here’s a quick recap of our year:


In 2018, we moved into a larger headquarters. Our office expanded from 95 sqm to 600 sqm, and from three rooms to ten rooms. We now enjoy an international-level training facility, a CEO office, manager rooms, soundproof rooms, video and audio studio space, and more. We also added modern workstations and employee lockers.


The CEO Room with blue walls, a bookcase, a long table, and a black couch

The CEO’s office


three rows of chairs and tables in the Saiff Solutions training room

The Training Room


Tables, chairs, and computers inside the technical writers' room

The Technical Writers’ Room


tables, chairs, and decorated cork boards belonging to the Saiff Solutions marketing team.

The Marketing Team’s Room

Our multimedia team has expanded, allowing our capabilities to reach a wide variety of industries. We offer multimedia services such as:

  • Technical illustration
  • Graphic design
  • Instructional 2D animations
  • Educational video editing
  • e-Learning modules and content

From 2017 to 2018, our annual revenue increased by 23%.

Excellent technical content is our promise to every client who seeks our help. We frequently receive unsolicited praise for the quality of our work. Content quality matters to us. Your success matters to us.

Learning Together

LavaCon 2018 was a blast! We were a Sapphire Sponsor for 2018 and it was our best LavaCon ever. On October 21 to 24, the Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel, New Orleans, LA was filled with engaging and fun activities. Barry led two breakout sessions and a three-hour workshop, and we sponsored events throughout the four-day conference.

Barry Saiff holding up his new book, "Outsourcing Technical Writing: A Primer" in the Mag's 940 bar.

Barry showcases his new book, Outsourcing Technical Writing: A Primer, at Mag’s 940 bar.

If you attend LavaCon, be sure to arrive before Sunday evening – every year Saiff Solutions sponsors the participant reception Sunday night – the best of all LavaCon parties!

Along with the fun-filled discussions during LavaCon 2018 was the release of Barry’s book, Technical Writing Outsourcing: A Primer. It was published on October 20 and was available for the first time in LavaCon! It is the newest book in the Content Wrangler Content Strategy Series and will help you understand how to achieve improved content quality and production via outsourcing. You can grab a copy of the book at Amazon or XML Press.


Front and Back cover of Barry's Book, Outsourcing Technical Writing: A Primer

Grab a copy of the book on technical writing outsourcing, Technical Writing Outsourcing: A Primer.

In partnership with The Content Wrangler, we conducted three free webinars last year:

  • June 20: Motion Infographics
  • September 13: Microcontent (with Rob Hanna of Precision Content)
  • November 6: Outsourcing Multimedia Services

Did you miss our webinars? Watch the recordings here and view the slide decks here.


2018 has been an eventful year, but we’re looking forward to more surprises in 2019. Watch out for the launch of our redesigned website and news about our new partners and customers!

Group picture of Saiff Solutions employees and guests during the 2018 Year-End Party

The 2018 Year End Party: Saiff Solutions in Barrywood!

In 2018, we delivered 33 different types of training to our staff. We are on track to deliver 60 different types of training in 2019.

One highlight: We’ve launched a new training program called WRAMPS. Our staff will focus on developing their talents in these areas:


Of course, the underlying focus on many of the activities is our favorite language, English! The key to improvement is Practice – each employee will practice these skills regularly throughout the year.

It has been an amazing year and we are eternally grateful to our customers, partners, and supporters. You are all part of our success! Here’s to an even more amazing 2019!

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“After Symantec acquired Brightmail in 2004, Barry played key roles in integrating the information development team and their content into Symantec’s then-developing Unified Content Strategy. Barry [Saiff]’s experience, product and content knowledge, and leadership qualities helped the Brightmail team to become a trailblazer within the company. The processes, tools, and practices they helped to develop for content management are used throughout the company, thanks in large part to Barry’s participation in numerous cross-departmental teams. Barry is a natural leader who can effectively contribute to any endeavor. He has a passion for serving customers that drives him to create and evangelize process improvements and to collaborate effectively with diverse groups and individuals. I would be glad to work with Barry again.”

Alexia Idoura (nee Prendergast)
Senior Manager, Symantec
February 16, 2011

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