Software Documentation

Software Documentation

While Saiff Solutions can document almost any kind of product, our special expertise is in software documentation. Our founder, Barry Saiff, has over 26 years experience writing and editing software documentation for companies in the United States.

Writing excellent software documentation is an art. It is not merely translating technical jargon into terms everyone can understand. The writer must learn how to use the software product, and learn about the details of all the features. Then the writer must design documentation that provides the user with exactly the information the user needs, in a clear, well-organized manner that makes sense to the user. The user must be able to easily find the information that will help them accomplish their tasks with the software.

Given the proliferation of platforms on which people use software – computers, tablets, mobile phones, company networks, the Internet, etc. –  users need to be able to access platform-specific documentation in the format and delivery method of their choosing. The process of technical writing has evolved to accommodate this diversity of use, via the development of content strategy and topic-based authoring.

Saiff Solutions has expertise in the development of topic-based documentation. Instead of writing manuals per se, our writers can write a series of stand-alone topics that cover all the procedures and information that each user needs on each platform. The same topic can in many cases be used for multiple purposes. Topics can be assembled into manuals, online help systems, online knowledge databases, or any other required deliverables. If your company requires documentation that covers a variety of platforms and types of users, and you are new to topic-based authoring, we can help you to understand its benefits and guide its implementation for your products.

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“After Symantec acquired Brightmail in 2004, Barry played key roles in integrating the information development team and their content into Symantec’s then-developing Unified Content Strategy. Barry [Saiff]’s experience, product and content knowledge, and leadership qualities helped the Brightmail team to become a trailblazer within the company. The processes, tools, and practices they helped to develop for content management are used throughout the company, thanks in large part to Barry’s participation in numerous cross-departmental teams. Barry is a natural leader who can effectively contribute to any endeavor. He has a passion for serving customers that drives him to create and evangelize process improvements and to collaborate effectively with diverse groups and individuals. I would be glad to work with Barry again.”

Alexia Idoura (nee Prendergast)
Senior Manager, Symantec
February 16, 2011

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