Platforms, Languages, Contexts

Platforms, languages and contexts

Saiff Solutions works with each client to accurately understand how the software and the documentation will be used. While we do not translate documentation into other languages, we can work with translation teams, and all of our documentation is written in a way that makes translation easier and less costly. We can customize documentation for various platforms, from mobile phones to networked computer systems, and for various contexts – travelling users, different job roles, etc.

The key to presenting the content each user wants, in the language they read, optimized for the platform and device they are using, is a good content strategy that employs topic-based authoring. Saiff Solutions can help you develop and implement an effective content strategy that maximizes content reuse and saves you money.

Saiff Solutions In The Media

- TechWhirl
- Nominated for 2015 Rice Bowl Asean Start Up

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“Barry [Saiff] is one of those people that every company needs. He is a very efficient and productive member of any team and on top of that ensures that others feel a member of the team also. Whilst at Brightmail I got to know Barry as he was the organizer for our local toastmasters group. His energy and enthusiam encouraged this collection of diverse people to create a wonderful group experience. I would recommend Barry for any position that required trust, loyalty and a great sense of humor.”

Raj Rana
Sr Systems Engineer, Brightmail
December 27, 2010

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