Excellence in Management and Staff Retention

Excellence in Management and Staff Retention

Unfortunately, the outsourcing industry has developed a negative reputation for management. Many firms ignore the wisdom of Sir Richard Branson’s dictum that to achieve excellent customer service, you must treat your staff like kings. As a result, their staffs turn over at very high rates.

At Saiff Solutions, we understand that our staff are our most valuable resource. We help people to develop rewarding careers as technical writers. All writers are eligible for merit-based grants of company stock after one year of service.

Our business model is based on integrity. We ensure that we keep our promises to our staff, that we comply fully with all employments laws, and that our wages and benefits are competitive and generous. This enables us to retain our writers and to ensure that we deliver what we promise to each customer, consistently.

Our location in Tagaytay, Philippines is another plus for staff retention. English is one of the two official languages of the country. Education is a major industry, with a proliferation of schools, colleges and universities. The Philippines is rich in skilled human resources, but lacks sufficient jobs for its people, particularly in locations outside of Manila. Many Filipinos seek work abroad due to the lack of gainful employment in their own country. These factors combine to provide a ready source of reliable talent for Saiff Solutions.

One of the unique benefits our staff enjoy is the use of our corporate library. We encourage writers to read extensively in English, as reading tends to improve writing skill. Our library offers thousands of books that employees can borrow. The company will buy any book, within certain guidelines, that an  employee wishes to read.

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- TechWhirl
- Nominated for 2015 Rice Bowl Asean Start Up

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“Barry [Saiff] is one of those people that every company needs. He is a very efficient and productive member of any team and on top of that ensures that others feel a member of the team also. Whilst at Brightmail I got to know Barry as he was the organizer for our local toastmasters group. His energy and enthusiam encouraged this collection of diverse people to create a wonderful group experience. I would recommend Barry for any position that required trust, loyalty and a great sense of humor.”

Raj Rana
Sr Systems Engineer, Brightmail
December 27, 2010

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