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Events: Tech Comm Manager Empowerment Coming to LavaCon Las Vegas 2016

Aug 3, 2016   //   by Barry Saiff   //   Blog, Evaluating Technical Writers, Events, LavaCon, Managing Technical Writers  //  No Comments

Empower Manager cover

Saiff Solutions invites you to our workshop and breakout session at LavaCon Las Vegas 2016:

Enabling Excellence: A Workshop for Documentation Managers

Presented by Barry Saiff, CEO of Saiff Solutions and Mike McGraw, former Documentation Manager, Qualcomm
Tuesday, October 25, 2016, 1:00PM – 5:00PM PST

We’ll discuss strategies for documentation management excellence, and work together to conquer the biggest challenges we face as documentation managers.

Stay with us after the workshop for complimentary wine & cheese, an opportunity to network with fellow doc managers, and to celebrate the 5 Year Anniversary of Saiff Solutions!

CARVE and SLAP Your Way to THRIVE as a Manager

Presented by Barry Saiff, CEO of Saiff Solutions
Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 1:45PM – 2:45PM PST

Learn the skills that successful managers of technical communicators use to succeed, across the world. Understand the key success factors for management, empowerment, motivation, and effectiveness in the face of constant change.

Have a management question you’d like us to address? Contact us.

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+7 More Habits of Highly Effective Technical Writers

Aug 3, 2016   //   by Barry Saiff   //   Blog, Evaluating Technical Writers, Managing Technical Writers, Outsourcing  //  No Comments

+7 Habits cover

Here is a list of the +7 more habits of highly effective technical writers. Adopt these habits to set yourself apart from other technical writers to become a strong leader.

  1. Be a customer advocate
  2. Advocate for process improvements
  3. Care about all customer-visible content
  4. Be an effective intrapreneur
  5. Know your audience
  6. Promote appropriate technical communications methodologies, gently
  7. Keep perspective and de-stress

Learn about the details as part of the STC-Sponsored 14 Habits of Highly Effective Technical Writers Slide Deck

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Webinars: Recording – How to Motivate and Empower Globally-Competitive Content Teams

Apr 19, 2016   //   by Barry Saiff   //   Blog, How-To, Managing Technical Writers, Outsourcing, Webinars  //  No Comments

Missed Out? Join Our Live, Interactive Encore of This Webinar

We’re offering a complimentary, second chance opportunity to learn from other technical writing, content managers and other professionals from many different industries across the globe. You can also take part in interactive discussions and ask questions around your needs.

Click here for details and registration.

Infographics: 7 Elements of Respect

Apr 18, 2016   //   by Barry Saiff   //   Blog, Concepts and Definitions, How-To, Managing Technical Writers, Outsourcing, Reference Articles  //  No Comments

We’ve condensed the 21 Dimensions of Respect into a more digestible 7 elements.

Check out these 4 infographics illustrating the 7 elements!

Click on each image to expand for downloading.

BALANCE Infographic 1 of 4

BALANCE Infographic 2 of 4

BALANCE Infographic 3 of 4
BALANCE Infographic 4 of 4



A Motivating SLAP!

Apr 1, 2016   //   by Barry Saiff   //   Blog, Concepts and Definitions, How-To, Managing Technical Writers, Outsourcing, Reference Articles  //  No Comments

Here is an acronym that summarizes the key success factors for motivating professionals:



SUCCESS: People need successes to feel good about themselves and their work. Make sure there are small things that even the worst performer has a chance to succeed at. And then “catch them doing something good” and praise them. Your primary responsibility is to support your staff to succeed.


LEARNING: If a person is not interested in and motivated by learning, and by opportunities to learn, then they were probably not a good hire. Give your staff chances to grow. If you are creative, you will see learning opportunities everywhere, in everything.

Accurate Feedback

ACCURATE FEEDBACK: You owe this to each person on your staff. Separate emotion from fact. Separate actions and behaviors from person/identity. When someone makes a mistake, tell them. When they do something well, tell them. Do not let anything go. Be fair, precise, frequent, and helpful in providing feedback.


PRAISE: Everyone needs praise. A study found that people need 5 times as much positive feedback as criticism to achieve their best performance. Think about that. If you are not in the habit of praising people frequently, change. (Remember, only praise accurately!)

What do you think? Have you discovered other key success factors for motivation? I’d love to know your thoughts! Please post your comments.

February 2016 News

Feb 19, 2016   //   by Barry Saiff   //   Blog, Outsourcing  //  No Comments

The Saiff Solutions Family Continues to Grow!

Here’s what’s been going on this month.

New Hires

TW More Fun In PH

Yes, Technical Writing Is That Fun!

We’ve welcomed 3 more technical writers into the family and are looking to add more! At this time, only local Tagaytay, Philippines writers are eligible for hire. View our available positions here.

More Office Space

We’ve expanded our office space to accommodate our growing headcount.

Saiff Solutions Extended Office Layout

Current Projects

MadCap FrameMaker DocZone DITA


Our writing department is thrilled to use the latest industry technical writing tools including:

  • DocZone to author DITA content
  • Flare to author topic based content
  • Framemaker to convert Word documents into .fm files

Saiff Solutions In The Media

- TechWhirl
- Nominated for 2015 Rice Bowl Asean Start Up

Click image to enlarge


“Barry [Saiff] is one of those people that every company needs. He is a very efficient and productive member of any team and on top of that ensures that others feel a member of the team also. Whilst at Brightmail I got to know Barry as he was the organizer for our local toastmasters group. His energy and enthusiam encouraged this collection of diverse people to create a wonderful group experience. I would recommend Barry for any position that required trust, loyalty and a great sense of humor.”

Raj Rana
Sr Systems Engineer, Brightmail
December 27, 2010

Read more testimonials here.